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Sponsored Posts and Recipe Development

If you’re looking for a way to create a buzz around your brand or product, we can do just that. A sponsored post with unique recipe development is a fantastic way kick things up a few notches. Together we can create a vision and end result that is beneficial to us both. I can develop an innovative recipe based on your product that will be tested, styled, photographed, edited and featured in it’s very own post. It will also be posted all over Irish Baking Adventures  social media outlets, which are gaining new Likes and Followers daily!

Every job is unique, so please contact me via the contact form below to go over details and a fee breakdown.

I recently worked with GLANBIA over Christmas with their AVONMORE CARAMEL CREAM promotion developing new recipes & providing food photography



Product Reviews

If you’re simply looking for someone to help promote a product/book, a review might be more suitable than a full blown sponsored post. All reviews are sincere and I will be honest about the quality, taste, service, etc. If a product or experience is negative, I will not post a review.

I do ask that the products be relevant to baking. I’m happy to review food products, books, kitchen tools . If I’ve missed something, feel free to contact me.


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You can contact me directly at or by filling in the contact form below

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