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candycane mint chocolate cake


I love everything to do with Christmas – the decorating, wrapping presents, old  b/w Christmas movies, but if you ask me what my most favorite thing is about Christmas – I would have to say it’s Christmas baking. Baking cookies with my now teenage kids is still top of the baking list, along with the baking of our Christmas pudding…

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up-side down apple sponge


    “An apple a day keeps the Doctor away, do you remember that saying”. I still use it to this day, it really annoys my kids, but still doesn’t stop them from going through more than  30 apples per week ! Don’t get me started on Bananas . I’m sure my local supermarket thinks I have a couple of…

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  Who ever said “good things comes in small packages” was spot on.  Especially when it comes to these dainty but very scrumptious Mini Oreo Cheesecakes.  I love-making cheesecakes at any time but these “bake in a muffin tin “mini” versions are a sheer delight to make. You get all the flavor and deliciousness of a regular baked cheesecake but…

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  Four weeks to the big day and so the Christmas countdown has officially begun. It seems like only yesterday we were putting the decorations up in the attic.  Next week all the boxes will come down and someone named (Adam)  will have to sit down and spend hours unravelling all the Christmas lights.  So glad that’s not my job…

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Pair of custard cream cupcakes


Today I’m talking Custard Creams.  I’m sure there has been a packet or two in everybody’s biscuit tin at some point in time. I know a packet always finds its way into my weekly shop. These tiny little “sandwich” biscuits are so addictive and have started so many arguments in my family, always about “which biscuit”  is the king of…

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strawberry yum yum

Lazy Sundays and Strawberry Yum Yum

After a few hectic days in London with my daughter Amy, this Sunday has definitely been a lazy Sunday but that still didn’t stop me baking a yummy strawberry cake or putting together a shorter than normal blog post! I needed  something quick and easy but delicious.   This Strawberry Yum Yum ticks all the boxes.  I always make this…

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Baked Chocolate Doughnuts with Sprinkles

  Well this week it’s all about Doughnuts or Donuts depending on where you live, definitely one of my guilty pleasures one that I can never EVER say no to and to makes things worse, I  have absolutely  no will power when it comes to chocolate  and sprinkles. Of course it also doesn’t help that  I have my own version…

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