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  When I was 15, I discovered “The Red Velvet Cake”.  With its stunning red colour and the scrumptious cream cheese filling, I thought it was the most sophisticated cake ever invented!!  I still do –  I never get tired of making it or eating it. So last week I wanted to make something special as a treat for my…

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Raspberry Bundt

Raspberry Pink Bundt Cake & “Taste Memories”

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A Taste Memory is what my eldest son calls the ” Raspberry Jammy Thumb print Cookies”   that I made the other day.  They remind him of his 8th birthday in particular – a birthday he had to share with his younger brother who was turning four. Their birthdays are actually a week apart but I thought I would do a…

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Raspberry & Muffin Loaf Facebook


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After being totally “baked out “ over Christmas I took a little baking hiatus! It’s been over two weeks and to be completely honest I’m surprised I lasted this long,  but just because I wasn’t “baking”- I couldn’t stay away all together.   I have spent the past few weeks devising new recipes and doing some research into publishing a…

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Raspberry & Chocolate Buttermilk Cake

Raspberry & Chocolate Buttermilk Cake

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I love a simple recipe, one of those that uses up ingredients from what you have to hand in your press, fridge or freezer.  Thrown together in a few minutes, bakes fast and most important of all tastes delicious… Yep this Raspberry & Chocolate Buttermilk Cake is most definitely my kind of bake….. We all have our “Go To” recipes..…

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