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Chocolate Oreo Muffin Loaf

You know that packet of Oreo Biscuits in your press the one with the first two missing?  I’m sure I’m not the only one who has a sneaky biscuit or two when no ones looking! Well I have a delicious Oreo Muffin recipe that can make these little black beauties into something absolutely scrumptious.  I’m going for a complete “Cinderella”…

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Apple -Crumble Muffin


  So today I’m talking muffins!!!  I never expected to write this recipe up as a post, (which is why I don’t have many photo’s) but these Apple-Crumble Muffins were so delicious  that it would be shame not share the recipe. The unexpected, spur of the moment bakes always turn out to be the best, don’t you think?  Much like…

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coffee mocha muffin landscape


“A PARTY WITHOUT CAKE IS JUST A MEETING” – Julia Child     Coffee is one of my most absolute favorite things in the world. If I was asked just to bring three things to a desert island, they would be coffee, popcorn and my kindle. Yes  – I will put my hands up and admit  I am a coffee…

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