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christmas cupcake shoes


    Jingle Bells and all that jazz, can you believe it’s just over 2 weeks the Christmas!!  These past few weeks have flown in. I’ve just managed to finish the Christmas decorations in time for the 8th December which is always my latest. We now have 6 Christmas Trees.  YES, that’s not a mistype I definitely mean 6.  My…

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  In need of a coffee “pick-me-up” !!  Then look no further, I have the perfect RECIPE for you.  It’s boozy, laced with strong dark coffee, topped with mascarpone and a dusting of cocoa. Hey, I know what you’re thinking it’s Tiramisu – that really delicious Italian Dessert and yes, your absolutely right, but not in it’s usual “traditional” form.  This…

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June Bank Holiday time already!!! When I was young it was called “Whit Weekend” and I have no idea why..I just remember it always being sunny and warm. It really was the start of summer for kids. We had no video games or mobile phones, we actually talked to each other face to face, came home when we were hungry..God…

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It’s coming into the middle of April here in Ireland and we are finally beginning to see hints of summer and any bit of sunshine is a welcome break from the rain. We don’t have all those green fields for nothing!, and with summer come the start of strawberry season.   The first harvest of Irish Strawberries are just now…

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