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sherry soaked fruit loaf


  Sherry is one of those drinks that as soon as I take the top off the bottle, I am immediately hit with the smell of Christmas. It evokes so many memories of childhood for me – suddenly I’m back in my Nana’s kitchen stirring the sherry-soaked fruit for her amazing Christmas Cake. She wasn’t one for anything fancy, so…

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up-side down apple sponge


    “An apple a day keeps the Doctor away, do you remember that saying”. I still use it to this day, it really annoys my kids, but still doesn’t stop them from going through more than  30 apples per week ! Don’t get me started on Bananas . I’m sure my local supermarket thinks I have a couple of…

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Cranberry Christmas Fruit Cake


“Hand Me Downs” and not the recipe version always caused uproar in my house when I was growing up, and it was no different with my own kids.  I was lucky as the eldest I didn’t suffer the “shame” but for my brothers there was no escape, they shared clothes, toys and football boots.. With four kids of my own…

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