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guiness ginerbread bundt


  “Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly” – gosh it’s hard to believe it is nearly one week to Christmas!! It seems like Halloween was only last week .   I had big plans to have everything done and dusted by now, but true to form I am still shopping for presents.  I’m finding it so difficult to come up…

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sherry soaked fruit loaf


  Sherry is one of those drinks that as soon as I take the top off the bottle, I am immediately hit with the smell of Christmas. It evokes so many memories of childhood for me – suddenly I’m back in my Nana’s kitchen stirring the sherry-soaked fruit for her amazing Christmas Cake. She wasn’t one for anything fancy, so…

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Ferrero Rocher Gateaux


      Well that most definitely was a whirl wind Christmas!  All the planning and the excitement and its over so quickly. We have just finished off the last of the Christmas Ham in the Ryan House, and as for the Turkey, the turkey never made it to the oven!! Huge disaster it still hadn’t defrosted by Christmas Morning,…

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red velvet ring cake

Christmas Red Velvet Ring Cake

  It’s the middle of December. The tree is up and I’m sort of making headway  through the present list.  So I think it’s the perfect time to share this Christmas Red Velvet Ring Cake with you. There is something so christmassy about a  Red Velvet Cake and this time I’ve baked the cake in one of my favorite baking…

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christmas cupcake shoes


    Jingle Bells and all that jazz, can you believe it’s just over 2 weeks the Christmas!!  These past few weeks have flown in. I’ve just managed to finish the Christmas decorations in time for the 8th December which is always my latest. We now have 6 Christmas Trees.  YES, that’s not a mistype I definitely mean 6.  My…

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  Hello NOVEMBER!!!  Who can believe it, it seems only a few months ago I was taking down my Christmas Decorations now I’m getting ready to put them back up. Yes seriously, they go back up this weekend and when I say we I mean my Son Adam aka Mr Elf who is Chief Christmas Decorator and already in Christmas…

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  Four weeks to the big day and so the Christmas countdown has officially begun. It seems like only yesterday we were putting the decorations up in the attic.  Next week all the boxes will come down and someone named (Adam)  will have to sit down and spend hours unravelling all the Christmas lights.  So glad that’s not my job…

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Cranberry Christmas Fruit Cake


“Hand Me Downs” and not the recipe version always caused uproar in my house when I was growing up, and it was no different with my own kids.  I was lucky as the eldest I didn’t suffer the “shame” but for my brothers there was no escape, they shared clothes, toys and football boots.. With four kids of my own…

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