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nutella-swirl banana muffins


  What do you do with a bunch of ripe bananas sitting in the fruit bowl, – you know those ones that are a bit black that the kids won’t touch – Make Banana Muffins of course. Fair warning though, this is NO ordinary Banana muffin.  As well as being sweet and fruity with all the goodness of 3 mashed…

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Biscoff & Bread


Are you a coffee or a tea person or maybe your neither like my son!  I can say with hand on heart that I am most definitely a coffee lover.  I  drink about 6 cups every day. It’s not too much I don’t think I know people who drink up to 10 cups but as long as I have my…

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Beating the Monday Blues with Chocolate

I’m going to share one of my secret chocolate cake weapons with you all, this is guaranteed to turn a “grumpy teenage troll” into something that one resembled your child, trust me I have four of them. It’s a Double Chocolate Banana Loaf   So here we go its Monday Morning again and my two youngest have just left for…

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