OREO Cookie & Cream Cake

What better way to start off then with a Chocolate Cake and not just any chocolate cake but an OREO chocolate cake. If you ask my kids what do you prefer cake or cookie there would always be a row!! , so why not have both I say and by the way my kids are 12,14,18,20 so maybe kids is the wrong word, but in my head always be kids to me no matter how old they get


oreo collage

So let’s get started with the cake, now who in their right mind can resist an OREO, not me for one , what is it about OREO, the little “black biscuit” as I used to call them with the white stuff in the middle. I have to thank my brother John   who now lives in Boston for introducing me and the kids to OREO. If I never said thank you John I’m saying it now with Bells on!!


  The “Black Biscuit”

He was home for a visit when the kids were younger and brought us a big bag of OREO, and insisted these were the best biscuits ever, that’s what we call our cookies and that they were a very important part of every American kids childhood and we were badly missing out He said there was a certain way to eat an OREO so we watched in awe as  he poured a glass of cold milk, dunked the Oreo in the glass, twisted the cookie till it was in half, licked all the white filling off and dunked the Oreo again and then ate it!!! After that we were well and truly hooked.


Can’t have an OREO without a glass of milk


I love baking with OREO Cookies they make brilliant cup-cakes and brownies but most of all and according to my kids the OREO and Chocolate Cake experts , they make the best Chocolate Cake. I tried many versions of a chocolate cake recipe to get the right on, some with sour cream, or buttermilk. This was the best one it’s very easy and is topped with a chocolate ganache which together with the OREO cookies makes a very yummy Chocolate Cake













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