Not long now to Halloween, the weeks are flying by and  October is sure going very fast.

I’m just wondering how many of you go all out on the Halloween Decorations? My problem is I tend to go overboard on the Halloween Baking.  I leave the decorating to my Son who loves all that stuff.  This year he had the “marvellous” idea of getting the Christmas tree from the attic and decorating it with Halloween decorations!

Yes,  there is most definitely a  reason behind this “madness”.   In our family, he is known as Mr Christmas.  He lives, breathes anything and everything to do with Christmas. If he had his way he would leave the Christmas decorations up all year.  A Halloween Tree would be a big win for him.

First of all, the Christmas tree would be brought down from the attic, then the rest of the decorations would soon follow.  No way am I not falling for that one.   He can go all out on pumpkins and ghouls and whatever  other Halloween madness  he comes up with.  My daughter did tell me he’s been looking up “dry ice” on Ebay, maybe I should be a little bit worried

Well I’ll worry about that later,  for now I’m going to concentrate on my baking which brings me back to this really delicious recipe for my Halloween Chocolate Mud Cake.




This is my kids absolutely favorite chocolate cake. It’s rich and delicious, the perfect cake for any Halloween party.  Our family have been doing a Halloween dinner since the kids were small.  It’s become a much-loved family tradition.   We have something gory but edible for dinner and always a Halloween Cake for dessert.  Last year we had  “Spooky Meatballs” for our dinner and I baked this HALLOWEEN “TRICK OR TREAT” BROWNIE  CAKE FOR  dessert.   You can check out that recipe here.


halloween basket cake


This year I’m staying with the chocolate theme and using my favorite mud cake recipe. This dense gooey chocolate cake is covered in a rich fudge frosting.   The top is  spread with melted white chocolate and orange coloured icing is used to make the spider web pattern.  I finished the cake off with some Halloween sprinkles pressed on to the sides.  All that chocolate I hear you cry but it is Halloween after all so it’s allowed just this once

I used a Spider Cake pop for the top of this cake but you could use any type of spider as long as it’s not REAL!!








I always use a little instant espresso in this recipe. Believe it or not, it brings up the chocolate flavour and you really don’t taste any coffee. If you hate coffee just leave it out. It will taste just as scrumptious.






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