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  What can you say about chocolate-orange, it’s a partnership made in heaven, the ultimate partnership. I’m not ashamed to say I have a secret stash of Jaffa Cakes for those bad days when I need a chocolate lift. Those bad boys are  definitely one of my weak spots.  That is why these simple but very delicious  chocolate-orange muffins are…

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  Well it’s the middle of February all ready, St Valentines Day has been & gone and I’ve had my fill of chocolate for this week! I need something special to brighten up a rainy gloomy Friday and there is only ONE thing that can do that for me –  Zingy and Zesty LEMON.  Yes,most definitely something lemonicious to clear…

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coffee mocha muffin landscape


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“A PARTY WITHOUT CAKE IS JUST A MEETING” – Julia Child     Coffee is one of my most absolute favorite things in the world. If I was asked just to bring three things to a desert island, they would be coffee, popcorn and my kindle. Yes  – I will put my hands up and admit  I am a coffee…

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oreo muffin loaf

Chocolate Oreo Muffin Loaf

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You know that packet of Oreo Biscuits in your press the one with the first two missing?  I’m sure I’m not the only one who has a sneaky biscuit or two when no ones looking! Well I have a delicious Oreo Muffin recipe that can make these little black beauties into something absolutely scrumptious.  I’m going for a complete “Cinderella”…

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Raspberry & Muffin Loaf Facebook


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After being totally “baked out “ over Christmas I took a little baking hiatus! It’s been over two weeks and to be completely honest I’m surprised I lasted this long,  but just because I wasn’t “baking”- I couldn’t stay away all together.   I have spent the past few weeks devising new recipes and doing some research into publishing a…

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White Chocolate Blackberry Muffin

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  Every Morning , it’s the same question in my kitchen and I’m sure in the kitchens of most families “What do you want for breakfast” I open the press and look at the MANY boxes of cereals on the shelf – Cheerios, Rice Krispies Weetabix to name but a few and always get the same answer “I don’t know”…

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