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mini chocolate flake cakes


  MINI CHOCOLATE FLAKE CAKES  – Soft Chocolate Sponge filled with Strawberry Jam & the crowning glory “Cadbury Chocolate FLAKES.”  These are the perfect bake to satisfy ANY chocolate craving. What can I say,  I never planned to make these little beauties. They were definitely a spur of the moment bake. I originally bought the flakes to crumble on top…

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cherry bakewell loaf


  HAPPY OCTOBER EVERYONE!! Who can believe it.  Summer is long gone and finally Autumn has truly arrived.   I think its safe now to mention Halloween and the “C” word – CHRISTMAS.  How about you? Is it too early for you! I absolutely love Christmas & especially Christmas Baking and being a baking blogger, I have already been trying out…

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Granny's buttermilk scone


    Every body loves a scone and everyone has their own favorite scone recipe!  This is my scone recipe, A FAMILY HEIRLOOM if you will.  To be absolutely fair  it’s my Nanny Kathleen’s recipe! She’s the person who was responsible for my love of baking. I was very lucky to spend a lot of time with my wonderful Nanny…

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custard fairy-cakes


  Last weekend my daughter Amy spent most of Sunday going through photo albums that she found in the back of the wardrobe. She was looking for my debs/prom dress which I had kept hoping that someday I could fit back into it again – Yep, that’s not happening anytime soon Lol.   She said it would be perfect for…

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