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  Hello NOVEMBER!!!  Who can believe it, it seems only a few months ago I was taking down my Christmas Decorations now I’m getting ready to put them back up. Yes seriously, they go back up this weekend and when I say we I mean my Son Adam aka Mr Elf who is Chief Christmas Decorator and already in Christmas…

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bourbon-biscuit brownies


  Well it’s here at last the brand new season of Game Of Thrones!!  Season 7  – Episode 1  debuts tonight .  Yes it’s definitely going to be a late one BUT so worth it. My daughter Amy & I have been binge watching S1-6 over the past month in preparation for tonight’s premier which is on at 2AM our…

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fudgy chocolate avocado brownie


  Yes, you are not seeing things!!  I actually baked something “healthy”, but still delicious and chocolaty.  Check out this scrumptious, fudgy CHOCOLATE AVOCADO-BROWNIE.  To take these brownies over the top,  I covered them with a very tasty Sweet Potato Chocolate Frosting. “What now”  you say,  veggies in a chocolate brownie!  Does such a thing exist?  Yes it bloomin well…

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Rolo & Malteser Brownie

I’m sure in all houses just as in our house, there are rows and arguments over what is the best type of pizza Is it pepperoni , ham, marguerita, is it spicy , stuffed crust ahhhh.. too many options When it comes to ordering a pizza for our family movie night , well world war 3 nearly always breaks out…

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