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fudgy chocolate avocado brownie


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  Yes, you are not seeing things!!  I actually baked something “healthy”, but still delicious and chocolaty.  Check out this scrumptious, fudgy CHOCOLATE AVOCADO-BROWNIE.  To take these brownies over the top,  I covered them with a very tasty Sweet Potato Chocolate Frosting. “What now”  you say,  veggies in a chocolate brownie!  Does such a thing exist?  Yes it bloomin well…

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Turkish Brownie

Cadbury Turkish Brownies aka “Nana Mac’s Brownies”

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    I think there is most definitely a love/hate relationship regarding Turkish Delight especially in my house. My hubbie, myself and my daughter love it but the boys absolutely hate it. Which makes it more bizarre that they really love this particular brownie. There is always an argument between us Turkish Lovers which is the best Turkish Bar –…

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Rolo & Malteser Brownie

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I’m sure in all houses just as in our house, there are rows and arguments over what is the best type of pizza Is it pepperoni , ham, marguerita, is it spicy , stuffed crust ahhhh.. too many options When it comes to ordering a pizza for our family movie night , well world war 3 nearly always breaks out…

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