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  So here we are, November all ready and the countdown to Christmas has begun in earnest. The shops are decked out in all their Christmas finery and playing Christmas music non-stop.  I was shocked to hear today that Santa will be arriving next week in my local shopping centre, yes for real!!  He comes earlier every year. But best…

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blackberry & ginger creamcheese loaf


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  This Blackberry & Ginger Cream Cheese Loaf is all about the berry and there’s not a hint of any of chocolate in sight ” I swear”.   You know I think I might actually prefer baking with berries over chocolate. There is so much choice with berries, the flavour possibilities are endless. In the summer we have our lovely…

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Raspberry Bundt

Raspberry Pink Bundt Cake & “Taste Memories”

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A Taste Memory is what my eldest son calls the ” Raspberry Jammy Thumb print Cookies”   that I made the other day.  They remind him of his 8th birthday in particular – a birthday he had to share with his younger brother who was turning four. Their birthdays are actually a week apart but I thought I would do a…

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Raspberry & Muffin Loaf Facebook


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After being totally “baked out “ over Christmas I took a little baking hiatus! It’s been over two weeks and to be completely honest I’m surprised I lasted this long,  but just because I wasn’t “baking”- I couldn’t stay away all together.   I have spent the past few weeks devising new recipes and doing some research into publishing a…

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strawberry yum yum

Lazy Sundays and Strawberry Yum Yum

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After a few hectic days in London with my daughter Amy, this Sunday has definitely been a lazy Sunday but that still didn’t stop me baking a yummy strawberry cake or putting together a shorter than normal blog post! I needed  something quick and easy but delicious.   This Strawberry Yum Yum ticks all the boxes.  I always make this…

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Pear & Berries Up-side down Cake

The Magic of a Pear & Berries Up-Side Down Cake

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Last Night my eldest Son sat us down to show us his new incredible ” Magic Card Trick“. Nine out of ten times these never ever work and the one time they do he thinks he’s the next Dynamo. His fascination with magic cards tricks knows no bounds, of course I blame his Nana for this. From the time he…

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I love comforting easy recipes the kind that are no mixer required, quick & easy and use what ever you have in your press or fridge. This Peach & Berry Delight is definitely  a slice of Summer in the middle of Winter. I noticed recently that most of my favorite recipes use tinned or frozen fruit  of one sort or…

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up-side Down Blueberry

Blueberry Upside-Down Cake

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One of the first things I ever baked in my Home Economics class in School was an Upside-Down Cake. An Upside-Down Pineapple cake to be exact, made with tinned pineapple slices and dotted with red cherries in the middle of the rings.. what a classic.  I think I must have made one every Sunday for dessert for about a year.…

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