cadbury chocolate tray bake

Well what has a Cadbury Heroes  Chocolate Tray Bake got to do with spring cleaning you may ask.  Well with No 1 on my New Years Resolution list the “Keep January Healthy” one already a “lost cause”,  between you & me that was never going to happen.  I decided to act on No 2 on my list –  spring clean my wardrobe by getting rid of all the clothes that I haven’t worn in three years.

I do this every year and the most I ever throw away is usually “nothing”.   I am a confirmed hoarder, cannot throw anything away.  I always find an excuse to stuff it back in and of course add more crap as the year goes by.

So in the dark depths of my full to the brim wardrobe I found two lost Christmas presents belong to the kids.  I searched high and low for these pressies on Christmas Eve,  took my bedroom apart.  I also found three selection boxes along with two tins of Cadbury Heroes  obviously hidden too well in the weeks before Christmas.

I gave the kids the “lost” pressies – they were delighted.  So what can I do with a treasure trove of chocolate – bake with it of course, that’s where the Cadbury Heroes Chocolate Tray Bake comes in.

Cadburys Heroes Tray Bake complete

This is a really  simple but scrumptious chocolate cake made more delicious by its topping a very yummy milk chocolate butter cream and of the course the best part the chopped up Cadbury Heroes.

It bakes in 30 mins but is usually cleared off the plate in less than that.  I’ve made the Cadbury Heroes Chocolate Tray Bake a couple of times for school bake sales  with the Cadbury family bags and it’s always a huge success.

cadbury's Heroes family bag

cadburys heroes traybake with product

This recipe is easily adapted to use up other chocolates like ” Mars Celebrations”.  It also makes a great birthday cake for kids & adults

cadbury heroes tray bake pieces

cadbury hereoes tray bake collage


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    Thank you what a great treat


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