Beating the Monday Blues with Chocolate

I’m going to share one of my secret chocolate cake weapons with you all, this is guaranteed to turn a “grumpy teenage troll” into something that one resembled your child, trust me I have four of them. It’s a Double Chocolate Banana Loaf

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So here we go its Monday Morning again and my two youngest have just left for school with two of the longest faces after their Easter Break, and I have to tell you that was the longest two weeks ever!!! The “I’m Bored” started the second day of the holidays and then the bickering and then full on WWE style fights over the XBOX. I suggested an Easter Camp – that went down like a Lead balloon but believe me if I could have found one I would have put them ALL in it.

Thankfully the weather improved and we got some much-needed sunshine that made the two  “family” outings that we went on a little bearable, why did I think life was going to get easier when they got to their teens!!!!

Now there’s one thing guaranteed to get rid of Monday Blues and that’s Chocolate and if you can use up the few over-ripe spotty bananas left in the fruit bowl that nobody will touch “because not even Monkeys on hunger strike” would eat them, (wise words from a 14-year-old)  all the better.


So I’m going to let this DOUBLE CHOCOLATE BANANA LOAF work its magic. What’s brilliant about this is  that its quick, easy and doesn’t use any fancy chocolate just a couple of bags of chocolate chips and good cocoa powder



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No need for a mixer, a wooden spoon will do the job, mash a few bananas,melt the butter and choc chips  and throw everything in to a bowl and gently stir and think of their lovely faces when they come in from a hard day at school and see the lovely treat you have waiting for them  with a nice glass of cold milk  –  ok forget that we’re not in the 1950’s any more lol,  I’m just thinking about the 10 mins peace I’ll get before the rows about homework start


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  • Amy April 13, 2015 at 6:25 pm

    Looks delicious! Great for the kids will be trying this one out 🙂

    • Karyn April 13, 2015 at 6:55 pm

      let me know how you get on Amy 🙂


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