Hello world.. My name is Karyn and a huge big welcome to my Blog IRISH BAKING ADVENTURES.I’m so looking forward to sharing many easy delicious bakes that you can share with your family, even if you think your not a baker , I’m pretty sure I can find a recipe just right for you



I’m a Mum, Cook, Family Councilor, Chauffeur to 4 teenagers and one husband. I am passionate about baking, collect cookery books like there going out of fashion and have been known on numerous occasions to serve a cake for dinner. I love baking with the kids and have done my utmost over the years to get the four of them into the kitchen..I have succeeded with two of them the youngest Andrew & the Oldest Amy.


I’m still working on the middle two Adam & Daniel. I hope my blog will be a peak into the life of a busy Irish Family and our Baking Adventures. I have been baking for about 10 years and was lucky to win two awards for my baking in 2011 & 2012 in a National Food Magazine “Easy Food” and my son Andy went onto win an award in 2013..


What an adventure that was.. I have a funny feeling that MY  Blog will turn into OUR blog.. Our Andrew & Amy have stated they will be taking over the blog on a few occasions.. and Mr Ryan and Daniel have announced they will be the official tasters and Adam will help with the Photo’s.






Our Amy

I am delighted that Amy wants to contribute, as baking and cooking for her is a challenge..Amy is 20 and began losing her sight a little over two years ago.She has 20% vision left in one eye and is now registered blind but hasn’t let that keep her out of the kitchen and loves to show that being blind doesn’t have to stop you Baking or in fact doing anything that a “normal” person can do..





Well that’s a snap shot of us its very nice to meet you all and I Look forward to sharing many crazy baking adventures with you





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